ELLIS Corporation recently signed an exclusivity partnership with Aqua Engineers Inc. (AEI), a company that has 20 yrs. experience with microfiltration. “Between our expertise in water systems with Ludell, our wastewater treatment experience, our newfound expertise in chemistry with John Schultz and now our membrane experience, I believe we can offer customers a complete solution for […]

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ELLIS Corporation is proud to announce and welcome John Schultz as Director of Water Solutions for Ellis Corporation. Schultz will be responsible for aiding in sustainable product development as well as executive sales and account services. He joins the ELLIS team from Ecolab Inc., headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota. Ecolab is a global provider of […]

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TEQUATIC™ PLUS Filters Now Available

Ellis Wastewater is pleased to announce the expansion of our product line to include TEQUATIC™ PLUS Filters by Clean Filtration Technologies LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company. This new and innovative technology has shown great success in removing particulate BOD, COD, and TSS in a wide variety of challenging, high-solids industrial […]

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With our Serpentine Mixing System (SMS), Waste Goes with the Flow

Water in motion can be a powerful force. The engineers at Ellis took this concept from nature when designing our new Serpentine Mixing System (SMS), which uses the power generated by water turbulence to vastly improve the reduction of TSS, FOG and BOD from the wastewater steam. Most wastewater applications require chemical preconditioning to improve […]

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Ellis DAFC

Floating On Up with the Dissolved Air Flotation Compact (DAFC)

Tried-and-true technology is being taken to new heights with Ellis Wastewater’s Dissolved Air Flotation Compact (DAFC). Engineered for optimal separation, our DAFC takes the outlasting DAF functionality and stretches it to fit into a more squared, vertical footprint. The DAFC efficiently removes up to 99.9% of fats, oils, and greases (FOG) and suspended solids (TSS) […]

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Meet the Team: Mike Sargent

You may have seen a fresh face around Ellis Wastewater. We’re excited to officially welcome Mike Sargent as our new Regional Sales Manager. Although he’s new to the company, he’s very familiar with the wastewater industry, coming to us from a centrifuge manufacturer working with both public municipalities and industrial operations. Mike wore a lot […]

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Settle Down and Clean Up with the Ellis Inclined Plate Clarifier

Ellis engineers have designed a separation technology so simple it’s like a bushel of apples just fell out of the sky and landed on their heads. Accordingly, manipulation of gravity is the key concept in Ellis’ Inclined Plate Clarifier (IPC). With a large settling surface area in a small footprint, you can remove more solids […]

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