Serpentine Mixing System (SMS)


Sized to deliver optimal mixing with conditioning chemicals, reducing the potential for overdosing and lead to direct savings. No mixers are required which also increases savings on O&M.


Ideal for chemical preconditioning where floor space is limited. The system is delivered preassembled and requires minimal piping modifications to existing infrastructure.


Changing pH is a direct indication of potential problems in your treatment process. The SMS is readily equipped with pH monitoring controls. VFD drives can also be incorporated to adjust the speed for control systems such as pumps.

Most waste water applications require chemical preconditioning to improve TSS, FOG and BOD removal efficiencies from a waste stream. The Ellis Serpentine Mixing System (SMS) is ideal for chemical preconditioning where floor space is limited. No mixers are required with these systems as they use turbulence in the flow to thoroughly mix the chemistry with the waste stream, creating ideal coagulated and flocculated particles. The systems coupled with Ellis’ solids removal equipment are ideal for solids removal applications.

While the SMS may appear to be a simple serpentine pipe structure, it is in fact a custom-engineered system designed specifically for each application. Each SMS is designed to fit in any existing facility and the optional points are placed for optimum chemical conditioning resulting in reduced cost for our customers. Furthermore, our systems are conservatively designed so future modifications are simple and effective if conditions vary.



  • Algae Removal
  • Animal Food Production
  • Dairy & Mil Byproducts
  • Dyeing & Finishing Textiles
  • Energy Production Byproducts Treatment & Conditioning
  • Food Packaging & Processing Byproducts
  • Frozen Food Processing
  • Groundwater Remediation
  • Heavy Metal Removal
  • Industrial & Commercial Laundries
  • Industrial Floor Wash-down Solids Separation and Conditioning
  • Juice Separation and Conditioning
  • Meat Packing & Processing Byproducts
  • Oil & Petrochemical Production
  • Pre-biologic Pressing Treatment/Conditioning
  • Preparation of Parts for Painting
  • Pulp & Paper Production
  • Secondary Biological Solids Removal
  • Secondary Sludge Thickening (Industrial & Municipal)
  • Steel Mill Production
  • Storm Water Runoff
  • Vehicle & Fleet Washing



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