Refurbished Systems

While still functioning, many existing Ellis wastewater systems may simply not meet growing demands of our existing customers. In response to this Ellis has begun a unique buy-back program. In our new program the condition of the existing system (regardless of manufacturer) will be assessed for a return value. Should a customer elect to return their equipment it will be accepted and refurbished by Ellis Wastewater.

Depending on the condition of the returned system Ellis is willing to issue a credit towards future purchase or outright buy back used equipment. All refurbished equipment for sale has been evaluated and repaired for resale. Subsequently, all refurbished equipment will be warrantied under standard Ellis Terms & Conditions. There is no risk of failure when purchasing refurbished.

This is a great opportunity for customers to return equipment that no longer meets treatment requirements. It is an even greater opportunity for new customers to purchase equipment at a good discount.

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