Rental Systems

In response to customer demand, Ellis Wastewater has expanded their internal equipment inventory. Many customers have temporary/short-term wastewater treatment needs. For example, a food produce processor will only utilize water during harvest seasons. Any time during off-seasons the processor does not need to treat water as they are not discharging. Subsequently, wastewater equipment is often idling and unused.

In collaboration with our customers Ellis has developed an innovative circulating inventory of equipment that will allow users to return equipment in off seasons for service and the equipment can be utilized for other projects on an as-need basis. With expansion of our current warehouse facility we also have equipment readily available year round.

In doing this we hope to satisfy customers with needs for temporary treatment and full-scale piloting.

That said, all products offered by Ellis are now available for rental. Most equipment available for rental has been utilized for other applications. However, proper performance for your treatment application will be guaranteed.

The new Ellis rental fleet is designed for mobility and simple “Plug & Play” of equipment. Site technicians are available for equipment monitoring and service.

Please inquire as to equipment model availability and pricing.

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